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Whom We Serve


Serving the Needs of Facilities Management Teams

Our Customers

We serve large, multi-facility enterprises with centralized procurement strategies and decentralized operations. More specifically, we meet their Maintenance Repair Operations (MRO) requirements for the upkeep of their equipment and facilities. Hacha Products provides the MRO buyers with products they need, want and use at a fair, competitive price and at exceptional service levels.

Our customers are in three major categories:

  1. Industrial & Commercial firms with Multiple Facilities
  2. Manufacturing OEMS and their Tier Suppliers
  3. Government Prime Contractors (DOD, Federal, State, Local)

What do we provide for them?

We provide a wide variety of products for Facilities Maintenance, Repair and Operations. As necessary, we will expand our product line and services based on our customers’ requirements. We will always provide industrial products and services for their MRO needs at extraordinarily high service levels, and actively listen for gaps in their industrial products supply chain we can fill.

  • Hacha Products – Certified WBE/MBE
  • Certified WBE Certified MBE
    We provide what our customers need, want and use – for all their MRO requirements.
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