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Our Products:

Waste Water - Conditioning & Remediation:

Facilities Management

We provide customized chemical solutions for manufacturing firms with waste water and unresolved fluid issues. Our customers tend to be manufacturing firms with a compliance problem, inefficiencies in their fluids disposal process, or excessive costs in their model.

Services Include:

  • Waste Water Treatment Chemistry:
    • Coagulants (Organic / Inorganic)
    • Flocculants (Anionic / Nonionic / Cationic)
    • Clarifiers
  • Rust Preventative
  • Foam Control
  • Odor Control
  • Biological Enzymes
  • Specialty Chemicals
  • Custom Waste Water Systems:
    • Filters
    • Dissolved Air Flotation units
    • Recirculating/Frac Tank Installation
  • Waste haul-off alternatives
  • Custom Reverse Osmosis Water systems
  • Waste, Process Flow & System Analyses and Consultations
Facilities Management Facilities Management

Capability Statement:

  1. We serve a variety of industries, including Metal Finishing, Machining, Automotive, Food Processing, Mining and Minerals, and Leather Tanning.
  2. Working closely with our market partner Mineral Masters, Hacha Products Corp. applies innovative chemical and equipment solutions to chronic waste water problems. Chemical treatment may involve coagulation, flocculation, clarification, odor control, or other solutions.
  3. Mineral Masters synthesizes environmentally compliant chemistry that contributes to continuous improvement for our joint customers’ processes. Our job is to relieve our customers from the costs and headaches of unresolved compliance, disposal and environmental issues. We solve complex water problems with creative, environmentally compliant chemistry.
  4. As a rule, we target a 12 month Return-On-Investment for our waste water remediation systems: the cost savings generated by our solutions should offset the capital expenditure in about one year.


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