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Hacha Products Value Proposition


Hacha Products Brings Value

Our Value Prop

Environmentally Safe Products for Facilities and Fleet Maintenance

Waste Water Remediation Systems for Manufacturing Facilities with Fluid Issues

Utilities Utilities Transit Transit Retrofits Retrofits Data Centers Data Centers
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Hacha Products

Hacha Differentiators:

30 years of broad industry experience

Unlimited capacity to solve EPA Compliance problems

Unlimited access to multi-discipline subject matter expertise

Full EDI Capabilities: All ANSI Transaction Sets, Bar Coding

Value Prop

Waste Water Remediation for Utilities and Light/Heavy Industry:

  • We serve industrial and commercial customers in a variety of disciplines, including Metal Finishing, Machining, Automotive, Food Processing, Mining and Mineral.
  • We design and install custom industrial waste water systems for water-intense discrete and process manufacturing.
  • We serve Gas Utilities customers with underground gas storage facilities for peak demand.
  • We design and install on-site desalination systems, reducing or eliminating haul-off costs using environmentally sound technology.
  • We provide innovative chemical and equipment solutions for our customers with unresolved compliance, disposal and environmental issues.
  • We target a 12 month Return-On-Investment for our waste water remediation systems.

Industrial MRO Distribution for Fleet & Facility Management:

  • We serve fleet management customers with a broad product line of specialty chemicals including cleaners, degreasers, train/bus/truck wash and graffiti management solutions – by the jug, pail, barrel, drum or tote.
  • We serve transit customers with a broad product line of electrical/electronic Maintenance/Repair/Operations (MRO) components.
  • We serve in-house and outsourced facility management with environmentally-friendly MRO supplies to maintain assets from floor to ceiling.
  • We specialize in ‘green’, biodegradable solutions that preserve human health and safety without compromising product performance.
Hacha Products

NAICS Codes – Product/Service:

  • 424690 – Chemical & Allied Products Wholesaler
  • 423840 – Industrial Supplies Wholesaler
  • 423610 – Electrical Apparatus & Equipment Wholesaler
  • 423860 – Transportation Equipment & Supplies Wholesaler

Industry & Market Applications:

  • Utilities
  • Infrastructure
  • Discrete & Process Manufacturing
  • Facilities Management
  • Municipal/Regional Transit
  • Fleet Management
Hacha Products

We Provide:

  • Environmentally friendly cleaners and solvents
  • Customized chemical solutions for facilities with waste water and fluids issues
  • On-site desalination systems for gas utilities with underground storage
  • Relief for our customers from the costs & headaches of compliance and environmental issues

We Distribute:

  • Industrial MRO/indirect products to support our Facilities Management Solutions

We Source:

  • From ISO-certified suppliers and serve customers across the U.S, Canada and Mexico
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  • Hacha Products – Certified WBE/MBE
  • Certified WBE Certified MBE
    We provide what our customers need, want and use – for all their MRO requirements.
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