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 Success Story:   Nicor Gas  &  Hacha Products

From: "Nicor Gas' Supplier Diversity Report 2017"
Nicor Gas

Hacha Products Corp. (Minority- and Women-Owned Business Enterprise)

Hacha Products Corp. attended a Supplier Diversity event in 2016. After meeting with Nicor Gas’ environmental group, the eco-friendly industrial products distributor developed a customized plan to remediate groundwater on-site at Nicor Gas’ storage facilities.

Previously, groundwater removed during the natural gas withdrawal from the aquifers was being shipped to a separate treatment location. But Hacha listened to the problem, saw an opportunity and created a solution, remediating 25,000 gallons of water on-site in 2017 in a pilot project. Now in 2018, Hacha is making a proposal to increase the on-site water remediation at all of Nicor Gas’ storage facilities.

After further discussions with Nicor Gas’ environmental group, minority- and women-owned business enterprise Hacha developed another creative solution for pipeline construction crews, who were experiencing problems with overheating equipment during small-bore directional drilling.

Dubbed Hacha Verde MUD SNOT, Hacha developed a dry polymer that mixes with water to create a “green” lubricant for drills that reduces rotational torque, which in turn reduces wear and tear on equipment, shortens maintenance downtime and lowers repair and replacement costs. And because it has been tested as a drinking water safe additive there is no environmental impact. Nicor Gas’ Prime Partner, NPL, tested the drilling fluid additive with great success and the product is now widely used by Nicor Gas’ crews.

“When there is a problem, the Supplier Diversity team takes an active role in making sure the right questions are asked and the right connections are made to move forward, if possible, and where it makes sense,” said Kimberly Meek, Hacha Products Corp.’s founder and owner. “That’s a big difference between Nicor Gas and other companies with Supplier Diversity goals.

“Without the significant efforts of the Supplier Diversity team, those conversations would have gotten lost in the shuffle because we’re a small company,” she said. “These are significant opportunities for us, for our business and for our employees.”

Hacha Products Crop

Hacha Products Corp.’s water remediation trailer on-site at a Nicor Gas storage facility; and progressive samples of groundwater during the remediation process.


 Success Story:   Peoples Gas and North Shore Gas  &  Hacha Products

From: "Peoples Gas and North Shore Gas' Supplier Diversity Report 2017"
Nicor Gas

Hacha Products Corp. – Innovative Solutions to Treat Lagoons

Hacha Products Corp.’s innovation delivered a solution to a challenging problem.

A certified minority-woman-owned enterprise, Hacha Products Corp., attended an Illinois Utilities Business Diversity Council event in early 2017. After meeting with Peoples Gas Supplier Diversity contacts, the company was invited to the Peoples Gas Supplier Diversity Symposium. At this event, Hacha Products representatives met with Manlove project managers and engineers to discuss the needs at Manlove Field, a natural gas storage facility located in Champaign County, Illinois, where natural gas for Peoples Gas is stored 4,000 feet below the ground in sedimentary rocks; it was there that Hacha Products showcased its water treatment capabilities.

Hacha Products Crop

Owner Kimberly Meek subsequently met with Peoples Gas at Manlove Field to learn more about the problems associated with the storm water retention lagoons and to brainstorm potential solutions.

The subsequent storm water treatment pilot project in late 2017 was successful. The innovative system used environmentally friendly chemistry and membrane technologies that can be scaled up to treat immense volumes of water and ensured compliance with the discharge permit issued by the Illinois EPA.

Based upon the pilot testing, the Manlove Field staff also determined that a full-scale system may be attractive, because treated water can be repurposed for pipe hydrostatic pressure testing, greatly reducing the current cost of sourcing clean, fresh water. Plans are moving forward to optimize a fullscale storm water treatment system in 2018.

For us, customer problems represent market opportunities to create value and growth. In our growing experience with Peoples Gas, Jennifer Morrison and Jerry Fulmer take an active role in connecting us with the ‘problem owners’ and moving forward efficiently and effectively where it makes sense. We’re a small company with an enormous future. These are significant opportunities for us, for our business and for our employees, and we are sincerely grateful for the chance to compete and win.—Kimberly Meek, owner and CEO, Hacha Products


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