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Mineral Masters

Industrial Waste Water/Fluids Compliance
Mineral Masters

About Mineral Masters:

Mineral Masters provides customized chemical solutions for firms with waste water and unresolved fluid issues; customers tend to be manufacturers with a compliance problem. Most manufacturing industries have waste water or fluids issues, or some form of corrosive problem in their process. For some, EPA compliance is their biggest challenge. For others, they are simply paying too much in the attempt to solve the problem. A firm can sometimes solve one specific issue but not the entire problem. The Mineral Masters team can address the core issue with its chemistry, then go on to implement and install a solution that solves the entire problem - with a quick ROI. Once the issue is resolved, Mineral Masters will often produce the ongoing chemical products for their customers.

Mineral Masters approaches the needs of their customers with the creativity and energy of an entrepreneur by experimenting with new approaches and designing innovative solutions. Mineral Masters adapts to the ever-changing needs of customers, working at the speed of their compliance needs. Mineral Masters provides cost effective, environmentally friendly solutions – and can engineer, manufacture, and install the mechanical systems that solve long-term water and fluids problems.

ISO 9001:2008 Certified

An ISO 9001:2008 Certified shop, Mineral Masters serves a variety of industries, including Metal Finishing, Machining, Automotive, Food Processing, Mining and Minerals, and Leather Tanning. They relieve customers from the costs and headaches of unresolved compliance and environmental issues. Mineral Masters solves complex water and fluids compliance problems from beginning to end with creative, environmentally compliant chemistry.

Products & Services:

  • Custom Made Chemistry – Mineral Masters synthesizes and blends chemical solutions that are engineered specifically for their customers. Mineral Masters provides solutions to problems that need a customized approach.
  • Waste Water Treatment – A core competency: applying chemical solutions to chronic waste water problems. Chemical treatment may involve coagulation, flocculation, clarification, odor control, or other solutions. Mineral Masters also applies biological treatments for customers in metal finishing.
  • Commodity Chemistry – Mineral Masters synthesizes and manufactures many custom chemical solutions for their customers. Mineral Masters also packages commodity chemicals, like hydrochloric acid, with bulk pricing and distribution.

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