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About Peterson Engineering:

Peterson Engineering focuses on activities that achieve compliance and reduce, or eliminate risks while protecting the natural environment and built assets. Peterson Engineering is a leader in developing creative technical and financial approaches throughout the business life cycle: asset development, operation, optimization, restoration and reuse. Peterson Engineering integrates environmental creativity, engineering, consulting and construction services with strategic front-end planning to transition environmental challenges into sustainable competitive advantage.

Services Offered:

  • Holistic Lifecycle Planning – Nationally known experts in start to finish environmental management
  • Environmental Footprint Management – Proven strategies to prevent, minimize and resolve industrial impact to land, air & water puts a lid on your spend and liability
  • Advocacy for Beneficial & Attainable Goals – Seasoned legal and regulatory experts help negotiate goals that makes sense
  • Insurance & Legal Settlement – Seek or defend cost recovery and mediate environmental claim disputes on your schedule and without litigation
  • Multiparty Site Management – Accomplished leaders represent you to drive a focused, lowest-cost and permanent finish
  • Expert Witness – Nationally known authorities in environmental matters and regulation help resolve legal disputes

Markets Served:

  • Oil & Gas – Petroleum upstream, midstream and downstream: production, pipeline, refining, terminal, transportation and retail
  • Chemical – Petrochemicals, intermediates, polymers and plastics, commodity chemicals, derivatives and basic industrials, inorganics, fertilizers and pesticides
  • Manufacturing – Steel, wire, non-ferrous metals, heavy equipment, aircraft, automotive, appliances, consumer goods and electronics
  • Regulatory & Legal – Federal, State & Local governments; regulatory orders and decrees; legal claim negotiation, dispute resolution and settlement; multiparty sites and claims; Expert witness; Regulatory guidance to business and developing countries
  • Finance & Insurance – Risk evaluation, environmental auditing and financial recovery; Resolution of large liability exposures including environmental clean-up cost and asbestos/toxic tort payments, and recovery of environmental response costs from other parties

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