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Our Products

Fleet & Transit

Truck, Rail, Bus
Fleet and Transit

Hacha Products Corporation is the exclusive value-add distribution partner for Hacha Verde GRAFFITI GUARD® and associated Fleet and Transit products, and provides field application, logistics, warehousing and fulfillment services across North America.

Fleet and Transit

Services Include:

  • Rail:
    • Alkaline Railcar wash
    • Stainless Car cleaner
    • GRAFFITI GUARD® barrier
    • Graffiti remover
    • Heavy duty cleaners
    • Locomotive degreaser
    • Fragrance bars
    • Electric motor cleaner
  • Bus & Truck:
    • Bus/Truck wash
    • Alkaline Bus wash
    • Stainless Bus cleaner
    • GRAFFITI GUARD® barrier
    • Graffiti remover
    • Bus engine degreaser
    • Fragrance bars
    • Wheel brightener
  • Facilities:
    • GRAFFITI GUARD® barrier
    • Graffiti remover
    • Heavy duty spray cleaners
    • Heavy duty cleaners
    • Urine neutralizer
    • Fragrance bars
    • Low foam cleaners
    • Floor soaps
    • Varnish remover


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