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Water Filtration Media

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Glanris 901x Hybrid Filtration Bulk Media & Carbon Block Cartridges

Glanris Water Filtration Media

Glanris 901x Hybrid Filtration

Introducing Glanris 901x Hybrid Filtration Bulk Media and Carbon Block Cartridges, a 100% green, highly effective, light-weight, non-toxic filtration media that will revolutionize water filtration for municipalities, businesses, homeowners and consumers.

The 901x media offers both the adsorbent properties of activated carbon and the metals removal capability of ion exchange resin but with a sustainable, green material and at a lower cost.


  • Glanris’ 901x media is made from a plentiful agricultural by-product grown globally in millions of metric tons.
  • It is an environmentally responsible AND more affordable replacement for traditional Granular Activated Carbon.
Glanris Water Filtration Media


  • 100% green and sustainable
  • Sequesters carbon and can qualify for carbon credits
  • Effective metal removal in the presence of oils, grease and organics
  • Low cost, lightweight bulk media for environmental clean up
  • Drop in replacement for bulk activated carbon or mixed bed media in exchange tanks
  • Spent material can be incinerated or re-purposed
  • Disposable carbon block filters available in wide range of standard industry sizes


  • Industrial Process Water
  • Environmental Remediation
  • Drinking Water Filters
  • Municipal Waste

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