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Our Products

Ground Water

On-site Remediation
Onsite Ground Water Remediation

Hacha's Environmental Platform:

On-Site Ground Water Remediation for Gas Utilities:

  • We serve Gas Utilities customers with underground gas storage facilities for peak demand.
  • We design and install on-site ground water treatment systems, reducing or eliminating haul-off costs using environmentally sound technology.
  • We provide innovative chemical and equipment solutions for our customers with unresolved ground water compliance, disposal and environmental issues.
  • We target a 12 month Return-On-Investment for our waste water remediation systems.

Directional Boring Drilling Fluid Additives:

We develop and provide innovative, environmentally friendly drilling fluid additives, lubricants, flocculants, clarifiers and other products to save time and reduce wear & tear on capital equipment.

Onsite Ground Water Remediation
Onsite Ground Water Remediation Onsite Ground Water Remediation Onsite Ground Water Remediation
Products & Services: Market Applications:
237110 Water/Sewer Line Structures Const. • Water Remediation: Light & Heavy Industrial & Utilities

• Directional Drilling
541620 Environmental Consulting Services
562910 Remediation Services
424690 Chemical & Allied Products Whlslr
423840 Industrial Supp Whlslr • Facilities Management
423850 Service Estab’mt Eqpt & Supp Whlslr
423860 Transportation Eqpt & Supp Whlslr • Fleet Management
423610 Electrical Apparatus & Eqpt Whlslr
423690 Electronic Parts & Eqpt Whslsr


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