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Hacha Products Value Proposition


Hacha Products Brings Value

Our Value Prop

Hacha Products provides customized, on-site water treatment systems and specialty chemicals for the Oil/Gas/Utilities/Construction industries and for Light/Heavy Process Manufacturers with fluids compliance issues.



Hacha's Differentiators:

Energy Utilities

30 years of broad industry experience

Industrial Waste Water

Unlimited capacity to solve EPA Compliance problems

Manufacturing Facilities

Unlimited access to multi-discipline subject matter expertise


Hacha Brings Value To:

Energy Utilities Energy
Industrial Waste Water Industrial
Waste Water
Manufacturing Facilities Manufacturing
Fleet and Transit Fleet &
Government Primes Government




Hacha's Offerings:

Environmental Value-Add Services & Installations:

  • Water Treatment Systems & Specialty ChemicalWater Treatment Systems & Specialty Chemicals
  • On-Site Ground- or Produced-Water Remediation for Oil/Gas/Utilities/Construction
    • For Compliant Land or Waterway Disposal
    • For Repurposing for Pipeline Hydrostatic Testing
  • On-Site Spoils Pit Treatment for Oil/Gas/Utilities/Construction
    • For Reuse or Repurposing in Hydro-excavation or Directional Boring
  • On-Site Waste Water Remediation for Light/Heavy Industry
    • For Compliant Municipal Water Reclamation Disposal

On-Site Waste Water Remediation for Light/Heavy Industry:

  • We serve industrial and commercial customers in a variety of disciplines, including Metal Finishing, Machining, Automotive, Food Processing, Mining and Minerals
  • We design and install custom industrial waste water systems for process manufacturers’ compliant disposal or reuse/repurpose

Environmentally Friendly Specialty Chemicals:

  • Custom-Formulated Drilling Fluids Additives for Directional/Downhole Boring to save time and reduce wear & tear on capital equipment
  • We develop and provide innovative Polymers, pH Balancers, Flocculants, Coagulants, Clarifiers and other products

MRO Distribution for Utility Infrastructure:

  • We serve Utility Infrastructure customers with a broad product line used in underground gas storage and pipeline construction & maintenance
  • Our customers use our Utility Marking Products to Detect – Locate – Identify – Protect their underground assets
  • Our Sacrificial Anodes are used for cathodic protection of underground pipelines and structures


NAICS Codes:



Industrial Supplies Wholesaler

Chemical & Allied Products

Service Estab’mt Eqpt & Supplies

Transportation Eqpt & Supplies

Electrical Apparatus & Eqpt

Electronic Parts & Eqpt


Environmental Consulting

Remediation Services

Water/Sewer Line Struct. Const.


Hacha's Certifications:

nmsdc.org Certification #:
wbenc.or Certification #:
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dnb.com DUNS #:
dla.mil CAGE Code:




  • Hacha Products – Certified WBE/MBE/DBE
  • Certified WBE Certified MBE
    We provide what our customers need, want and use – for all their MRO requirements.

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