Glanris Filtration Media

Revolutionary Water Filtration

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Glanris: Revolutionary Water Filtration

Glanris 901x Biocarbon

Green without Compromise

Glanris has created a revolutionary new type of Soil Amendment and Water Filtration technology.

Through a patented manufacturing process, Glanris has turned a common waste product – rice husks – into an economical, high-performance, “dual-function” soil amendment/water filtration media: Biocarbon™.

Glanris has developed a process to turn rice hulls into water filtration media – a cleantech solution that has the potential to transform both the rice and the water management industry.
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Glanris 901x Products

Industrial & Municipal:

Bulk media in granular form for exchange tanks.

Bulk media in powdered form.

Glanris Biocarbon™ block filters.


Bulk media for carbon block and filters.

Glanris Biocarbon™ block filters.

NSF/ANSI/CAN 61 certified by IAPMO.


Industrial Applications


Manufacturing firms that need to filter their wastewater of metals.

Environmental remediation firms (chromium, lead, mercury, etc).

Companies looking to meet sustainability goals.


Cationic Trace and Heavy Metals Removal.

Electroplating and Metal Finishing Processes.

EPA compliance.

Solvents, Solids, Oil + Grease.

Light/Middle Weight Organics, Turbidity.


Municipal Applications


Municipalities looking for economical and effective media.


We are NSF/ANSI/CAN 61 certified for drinking water applications.

End of Pipe / Tertiary Water Polishing.

Organics, Chemicals & Solids.

General, Trace, and Heavy Metals.


Residential Applications


Sales to filter system manufacturers.


We are NSF/ANSI/CAN 61 certified for drinking water applications by IAPMO.

Metals + Organics removal.

Point of Use / Point of Entry.

Color Improvement, Odor Reduction.

Chlorine Removal.

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901x Hybrid Filtration Media

Green, economical, media for removal of metals and organics.

The 901x media offers both the adsorbent properties of activated carbon and the metals removal capability of ion exchange resin but with a sustainable, green material and at a lower cost.


  • Effective metal removal in the presence of oils, grease, and organics
  • Performs in wider pH range
  • Fast kinetics for color reduction
  • Effectively removes light-and-middle molecular weight organics
  • Reduces the need for ion exchange resins in consumer filters
  • Low cost, lightweight media for environmental clean up and F006 metals removal
  • Drop-in replacement for activated carbon or mixed bed media in exchange tanks
  • Available as direct replacement media and as disposable carbon block filters
  • Flux rates as high as 12 gpm/ft2 affords a small equipment footprint
  • Spent material can be incinerated or re-purposed
  • Green and sustainable metal removals technology. Sequesters carbon and can qualify for carbon credits


  • Appearance (Granular): Black strand-like particles
  • Appearance (Powdered): Fine black powder
  • Bulk Density (Granular): 7-8 lbs/ft3
  • Bulk Density (Powdered): 26 – 28 lbs/ft3
  • Particle Size (Granular): 20 – 325 mesh (others on request)
  • Particle Size (Powdered): 140 – 325 mesh
  • Metal removal range: pH range of 4 – 10
  • Metal removal capacity: 6 – 10mg/g metal removal observed in trials
  • Meets NSF 61 specifications for drinking water


  • Mercury
  • Lead
  • Chromium
  • Aluminum
  • Copper
  • Zinc
  • Solvents
  • Lightweight Organics
  • PFAS
  • Silver


  • Industrial process water
  • Environmental remediation
  • Drinking water filters
  • Carbon blocks
  • Municipal waste
  • F006 metals removal
  • Flocculation and precipitation filter