OLA: On-tap Clean Water

The Ola Filter

Affordable clean water now.

The OLA Filter is a compact, accessible, non-fussy water filter. Built for everyone.

OLA is the sustainable, easy to use water filter that keeps you hydrated and happy.

You’ll know you’re doing good for yourself and for the planet.



Universalist & Democratic

Ola – Affordable Clean Water

FAST – Filters 1 liter of clean water per minute.

EASY – Boiling water, carrying jugs, buying bottles. This is so much simpler.

EFFECTIVE – Eliminates bacteria, protozoa, cysts, sediment and microplastics.

LONG-LASTING – The filter never expires. Care for it well and your OLA Filter can last for several years.

The filter that Gives Back

Ola – Affordable Clean Water

Eliminates the need to boil water or buy plastic bottles. Protect your health, your wallet, and the planet.

Secure, fast, and economical drinking water straight from the tap.

The filter never expires. Routine cleaning prevents clogging and extends the life of the filter.

A well-maintained OLA Filter can last for several years.

Features & Specifications

Ola – Affordable Clean Water

Looking for all the details? Our OLA Product Catalog has technical specifications, key features, product dimensions and more.

Ola – Affordable Clean Water

How the OLA Filter … filters:

Inside the filter cartridge is a tightly bundled loop of hollow fiber membranes with microscopic pores that block bacteria, parasites, cysts, micro-plastics and sediments — leaving you with pure drinking water.

OLA Filter uses a mechanical filtration system that doesn’t expire. If water is running through, it will be clean.

Protecting Against Disease: The OLA Filter removes the bacteria, cysts, parasites and helminths that cause: Dysentery, E. Coli, Salmonella, Cholera, Giardia, Tapeworm, Roundworm, flukes that cause Schistosomiasis and Dracunculiasis, Guinea Worm, Botulism, Leptospirosis, and Typhoid Fever. Filtered water helps you avoid the pain and cost of waterborne illnesses, so you can live your life.

Protecting Against Microplastics: This pollution means that we are ingesting a credit card’s weight in plastic every week. The OLA Filter removes 100% of harmful microplastics in your water.

Ola – Affordable Clean Water

How to Use

Ola – Affordable Clean Water

Install the filter on your faucet with the faucet icon right side up.

Use with low or medium water pressure.

It’s that easy!

How to Clean

Ola – Affordable Clean Water

Flip filter on the faucet and run water for 1 minute to flush out any sediment.

Mix 1 teaspoon of vinegar or bleach in 1 liter of water. Soak filter for 1 hour.

Return the filter and discard the first liter of water to remove any residual vinegar or bleach. The filter is now ready to use.

How to Replace

Ola – Affordable Clean Water

Use a butter knife, spoon or flat-head screwdriver to gently lift under the tabs.

Remove and discard the used filter cartridge.

Install the new cartridge, pressing firmly until the cartridge is fully seated.

Replace the top cover, press evenly until you hear the tabs click in place.

Ola – Affordable Clean Water

Building Access To Affordable Filtration.

Ultra Lean Design:

No extra parts, no accessories. Super compact footprint and endlessly reusable.

Extreme Affordability:

People over profits. And a whole lotta attention to unit economics.

Leveraging Existing Infrastructure:

Nearly universal cell phone ownership + Rapidly expanding piped water infrastructure = Product-ready consumer segment.

Sustainable Development Goals

Water affects everything. By giving clean water, you have a six-fold impact. It’s a contribution to humanity and towards building a better, more sustainable, more equitable world.

The Ola Impact

Filters remove the high expense of purchased water.

The Ola Impact

Filters reduce waterborne illness and malnutrition.

The Ola Impact

Hydration equals healthy kids and families.

The Ola Impact

At home filtration is reliable, secure and economical.

The Ola Impact

Filtering at home sustainably uses limited resources.

The Ola Impact

Filters eliminate the need for single-use bottles.

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The OLA Filter

Ola – Affordable Clean Water

Product Specs:

  • Filters 1 liter of pure water per minute.
  • Certified hollow fiber membranes block bacteria, protozoa, cysts, sediment, and microplastics.
  • Fits standard threaded faucets.
  • Colors: Dark Gray, Light Gray, Bright White, Soft Pink

Buy In Bulk

Ola – Affordable Clean Water

Impact In Bulk:

  • Donate a case: 25 filters for 25 households. Help this technology go global, one village at time.
  • Reliable access to clean drinking water transforms communities. Filters decrease malnutrition, reduce childhood mortality, mitigate plastic waste, and save families money.

Replacement Cartridges

Ola – Affordable Clean Water

Replaceable Design :

  • Reduce, Refill, Replace.
  • Extend the life of your filter. Replace the interior cartridge when the flow rate slows after prolonged use. No need to buy a new filter!
  • OLA Filter’s unique replaceable design saves you money and is pro-planet too.